Ankit M.

I am a physician in my 40’s and have been working out with Houston Medical Fitness for one year.  Amy and I set goals/expectations initially, and we work according to my personal fitness needs. Each session is unique and builds on our previous progress. Our workout sessions include combination exercises for various muscle groups and include both cardio and strength training. Amy also emphasizes healthy nutrition. She is very professional, motivating and pushes me to the limit with each exercise in a way that I would not do on my own. Since COVID we have been doing video training sessions, and those have been fantastic. I am having a phenomenal experience, getting the results I want, and strongly recommend Houston Medical Fitness!

Suzie R.
Client for 2 years

I had meniscus surgery on my knees in 2018. Since then I’ve tried to not lose my mobility. After 3 months of physical therapy, I needed further direction as to how to get my body strong. It was like I was pushed off the cliff of injury, testing, surgery and physical therapy into a gap of “you are now on your own.” Being a former athlete, I was not scared of exercising, but I needed and wanted a trainer with medical training, experience and a commitment to help me exercise safely. I found Houston Medical Fitness and felt that it was exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend Amy. I have so much more strength, balance and mobility and my knees are pain free. Amy has an awesome personality and makes challenging training really fun. She truly has the gift.

Divya G.
Physician, Client for 2 years

Amy is a fabulous trainer!! I have seen amazing results physically and mentally. As a physician, I can attest that she is very knowledgeable about the science of working out and nutrition. Her personality is very positive and motivating. Since I have started my training, each session has been new, exciting and fun. The studio is super clean, airy and bright with state of the art equipment. I strongly recommend Houston Medical Fitness to anyone who is starting or continuing on the path to fitness!

Megan K.
Physician, Client for 1 year

I started working out with Amy when I was 4 months pregnant with my 4th child, wanting to stay fit and strong during my pregnancy and prepare for delivery and recovery. Amy worked diligently with me for the next 5 months, adjusting my workouts to ensure they were safe and effective. I had a week long episode of sciatica during which she tailored my workout with exercises to resolve it. After the baby was born, she continued to hold me accountable, and was eager to get me back on the road to getting fit. After gaining 40+ pounds during this pregnancy, I am now back to my pre-pregnancy weight (before my first ever pregnancy!) and feeling stronger than ever before. Amy is a dream to work with, she takes time to listen to her clients, is always punctual and the consummate professional. She is easy to talk to and values the relationships she builds with her clients.

Jo Ann S.
Client for 2 years

When I retired I decided it was time to get in shape to have the strength and energy to enjoy an active retirement. Since I have started working out with Amy I am stronger and healthier, and I feel better. A few months ago, I tore my ACL while I was on vacation. I went to physical therapy, but I also continued working with Amy. She helped me prehab before the surgery, and rehab after. I completely trust Amy to know how much I can do, and my workouts are tailored specifically for me. Amy’s studio is well equipped and comfortable. It’s great to work out in a private studio instead of in a big, impersonal gym. Amy takes fitness seriously. She keeps up to date with all the latest research and equipment, and attends professional workshops and conferences to stay informed. Amy is patient and encouraging, but she will make you work hard!

Linda H.
Client for 2 years

At 57, I started with Amy to get in shape for my son’s wedding. I have always hated working out and never really saw results from exercise or classes I did on my own; I knew I needed someone to keep me motivated and accountable. I like that the studio is private and I don’t have to go to a big gym. I appreciate that the workouts are constantly progressing as I get stronger (and I have gotten much stronger), and having all of the exercises tailored to me is invaluable. I walked out of classes in the past feeling pain or feeling like I was doing exercises wrong with nobody to correct me. Amy makes sure I have good form, and if anything bothers my sensitive lower back, we adjust right away. If I show up sore from the previous workout, she knows what to do to help that subside. I highly recommend Amy; she is incredibly knowledgeable about science and the latest exercise and nutrition research. She takes her job very seriously but is very smooth in her delivery; as a result, her sessions are enjoyable but structured.

Eric S.
Client for 1 year

I have been training with Amy for 7 months and in that time I have strengthened my core, improved my flexibility and stability, all while lowering my A1C and Cholesterol levels. I have also lost a substantial amount of weight. Amy is really great at creating a training program that caters to your specific goals and needs. Each workout challenges you to push a little harder and dig a little bit deeper to achieve your ultimate goals. Working out with Amy has really changed my life. I can truly see the effects of having a good diet and exercise routine.

Elaine H.
Client for 3 years

I have been working with Amy for almost 3 years and I feel better than I have in a long time! My goals were initially to work on upper body and core strength to help with back pain, areas that regular walking did not address. I have lost weight and inches and feel more energetic at age 64. I am much stronger in my legs, core, upper body and have virtually no back pain anymore! There is such variety in the workout sessions so you don’t do the same workout each time. Amy is a very patient instructor. She is very positive, encouraging you to do the best you can at your own level. I feel very fortunate to train with her! The workouts are fun, and I have met several great women in our small personal training group – an extended family!

Bhagya S.
Physician, Client for 6 years

After turning 40, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. My primary care physician wanted to start me on metformin; I also saw my endocrinologist, who concurred that unless I got my A1C levels to a normal level, starting diabetic medications was “inevitable” given my extensive family history of diabetes. I requested 6 months to try a lifestyle change. My doctors agreed but advised me that if my labs remained unchanged at the next follow-up I would be starting Metformin. With Amy’s guidance, I’ve been able to consistently exercise 4 times a week and clean up my diet. Amy keeps me accountable, which helps me immensely with staying on track. When I went back for my 6 month follow up my endocrinologist excitedly told me that my labs were “awesome” and I was no longer considered pre-diabetic. My A1c levels went from 5.9 to 5.7! I know that Amy played an integral role in making this happen. Without her it would have been impossible to find the discipline to get healthier.

Rashi T.
Client for 3 years

Working out with Amy has been amazing. It is never easy, but Amy is always very encouraging and motivating. Love the workout routines that she has lined up in every session: high intensity but very fulfilling. She is very patient and helps with various modifications to adjust to an individual’s strength. I can feel that my strength has improved and my core is getting stronger. Will absolutely recommend her.

Alice T.
Client for 10 years

I’m 57 and I feel better than I have in a long time. I have energy and I am strong! I’ve lost inches and I have better posture. Best of all is what’s happening inside. After my doctor talked to me about my low bone density, I found Amy and started training. At my next visit my bone density in my spine increased 7%! All my numbers improved; my doctor was very happy! Amy is kind and positive and makes me believe that I can do it. I look forward to every session!

Tony R.
Client for 14 years

I have been training with Amy for 14 years. As a competitive triathlete for over 25 years, I became so used to a routine pattern of swimming, biking and running and always using the same muscle groups. Since working with Houston Medical Fitness, I have rediscovered muscle groups that I forgot existed! In just a short time, this training translated to measurable improvements in my races. I am stronger in my core, ankles, back, and glutes thanks to Amy. By seeing her on a regular weekly basis, I have maintained my strength and flexibility throughout my 40’s and now my 50’s.

Elaine H.
Client for 3 years

At 53, my body was showing all the signs of premature aging. My legs were stiff when I got out of my car after a short journey, I was having difficulty standing straight and could no longer sleep on my side due to shoulder pain. I met Amy and asked her if she thought she could help me get strong again and help relieve some of the pain I was experiencing. She assured me she could and after a month of meeting twice a week with her I started to feel better. Two months later I was feeling great. Five months later, I felt 20 years younger. I’m certainly stronger and my posture is renewed. The bonus is that I look better, have more energy and can wear high heel shoes again. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone of any age. My recovery came so quickly that I have full confidence that she has the knowledge and experience to assist everyone. My sessions with Amy are the best investment I’ve made in myself and my well being. Thanks Amy!

Deanna E.
Client for 4 years

I’ve never been a very physically active person. But after going through “the change”, and being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, I found myself weighing more than I ever have and generally feeling pretty bad. As a part of getting my health problems under control I knew I needed to become more active. I found Amy recommended by the Arthritis Foundation as a professional trainer with qualifications to work with people with various types of health issues. I found I really enjoyed my workouts. Every workout is different so I never know what to expect, and I never get bored. Amy pushes me just far enough. I feel stronger and better. That has lead me to exercise on my own more often as well. I never would have gotten to this point on my own.

Laura E.
Client for 4 years

In July 2015 I broke 3 ribs in an accident. I gained a lot of weight and became very unhealthy. This started a chain reaction that was seemingly never ending. I contracted bronchitis and developed a pretty significant wheeze. Any physical effort had become difficult and I couldn’t seem to figure out a plan for myself. In July 2016, I started training with Houston Medical Fitness. I was so nervous about starting, but I did. The workout was so hard but I stuck with it. After 3 months, I was finally able to run a full mile without stopping and my wheeze all but disappeared. Since then I’ve hiked a mountain in Colorado and completed a 3k mud run obstacle course with my husband. I couldn’t have accomplished either task a year ago. I am grateful for Amy; she is so encouraging and organized and motivating. Amy makes me feel as if she cares about my health, and that’s some awesome motivation.

Madison W.
Client for 4 years

I’ve learned so many great things from Amy’s barre class and personal training; I don’t know where to begin! Every week is a new challenge, and I feel my strength building with every session! Amy is an amazing and encouraging trainer. She pushes me to do better with every workout! I highly recommend Houston Medical Fitness!

Prasad J.
Client for 4 years

I have been training with Amy for 4 years. I initially had this idea of focusing on upper body and arms, but Amy explained about building core strength as well. Her demonstration of an exercise makes you feel its easy to do, but those exercises are so tough when you try to follow her steps! I am amazed with the different patterns and combinations she has to teach, and that makes the workouts exciting. I still get sore after every session. I also travel a lot, and Amy always works with my schedule to make sure we train regularly when I am in town. Amy is an amazing personal trainer and I am glad I found her.

Mili P.
Client for 3 years

Amy is an exceptional trainer! I have always struggled to stay committed to my workouts. Amy knows how to motivate me and keep my workouts interesting. She is very knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition, both of which helped create a “lifestyle” change for me. I have tried my share of trainers and have been with Amy the longest of them all. She knows just how much to push me. I often surprise myself after a workout thinking I wasn’t going to survive it. I look forward to many many more workouts with Amy!

Sherie D.
Client for 4 years

I’m 51 years old and feel better than I have in 20 years. Finding Amy has been the best thing for my health and life! Amy has guided me through exercise & nutrition. Her workouts are different every day and it’s never boring…she somehow knows exactly what I need and when and pushes me to my individual limits. I love Amy!

Jaimi C.
Client for 2 years

Amy is an awesome trainer. The workouts are always different, interesting, and challenging. She switches it up so you never get bored or too comfortable with the same workout. The barre class is amazing! I have seen my body get leaner and more toned. I get many compliments on the definition in my legs and arms…Thanks Amy!

Carolyn T.
Client for 8 years

I started with Amy to get in shape for a healthy pregnancy. What I desired was to be strong, have stamina, and build self confidence. Amy did all that in the first two months. With our first meeting I knew this was someone who would push me to be my best but not sacrifice my safety. It was amazing the results I saw in the first month and they continued throughout our time together. Working out in her groups is fun and a distraction from the hard work you are actually doing. She changes up the workouts to increase strength and stamina as well as to keep things fresh and exciting. Amy is the full package with nutrition, exercise and knowledge to train you in a safe manner that pushes you and makes you stronger and healthier! Most importantly, I now have a healthy baby. I love Amy!!

Alicia P.
Client for 8 years

I have gotten great results with Houston Medical Fitness. I had high blood pressure that was not controlled even with medication. A short while after training with Amy my blood pressure became normal and is now considered healthy. I am also much stronger than I ever thought I could be. Amy is very knowledgeable about health and fitness and really cares about my well-being. She is truly a dedicated professional and a joy to work with.

Carolyn M.
Client for 14 years

I’ve trained with Amy for 14 years. I have had health issues that require daily medications; these medications cause severe muscle & joint pains. With Amy’s training, I have greatly decreased these pains and have better mobility than before. I have tried other trainers and doing things “on my own” at the gym but never had the results I get from Amy’s personal training. I can’t say enough for her dedication to her clients. When you leave her workout, you know you have WORKED OUT!

Rick C.
Client for 5 years

I’ve actively trained on my own for several years and never really considered working with a personal trainer. My training was mainly cardio (running) and some weight training. Amy pushes me do work harder than I ever would on my own. She makes each workout challenging and fun at the same time, always encouraging and being supportive, even when I’m struggling to finish those last few reps! I’m stronger in many areas, most noticeably my core, and some issues I was having with knee pain have gotten much better.

Laura C.
Client for 2 years

Amy keeps her clients coming back! She is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. She knows just how to encourage and when to push, though never too much. She truly wants what is best for me. I have several back issues (slipped disk, sciatica, lower back pain), and Amy is cognizant of my previous injuries and focuses on my core to prevent other injuries. If an exercise causes me pain, she welcomes my feedback and immediately has a modification or another exercise, but she doesn’t let me use my injuries as an excuse. She also is highly intuitive to her clients moods and adjusts the workout accordingly. I have walked in down in the dumps and she picks me up with an energizing workout or I’ve been totally frustrated after a long day at the office and she suggests a workout that allows me to relieve some aggression. I’ve worked with other trainers; Amy is the best and has a life long friend and client here.

Tim W.
Client for 4 years

I have been training with Amy for over 3 years and have seen my Fitness Age go from 80 to 45, which is years younger than my actual age. It has been a great journey, but not an easy one. Amy’s great value has been helping me get through the tough parts. She is a great encourager. Her exercise sessions are tough, and following the healthy nutritional guidelines are equally challenging. Having a setback is always met with a kind but firm push to recommit. She never lets you beat yourself up. Amy is very passionate in her work and genuinely wants me to be successful in achieving my goals!

Stacey C.
Client for 3 years

Since working out at Houston Medical Fitness I have noticed physical and mental changes. I enjoy the social interaction, encouragement and two-person exercises that come with the group setting. I’ve been a runner since middle school, but I never spent the time to focus on toning my arms, back and abs. With Amy, I established my baseline and have been able to measure my strength improvements, not just notice it in the mirror and by how I feel. I’ve also been introduced to new exercises, such as balancing or flexibility exercises, which I would not have chosen to do on my own. I’ve also taken advantage of the nutrition options, which enabled me to think about my eating habits and to eat with purpose. I would recommend Houston Medical Fitness to any person at any level of fitness- every session is different and challenging.

Bhavika P.
Client for 8 years

I started training with Amy several years ago and she truly has changed my life. Her workouts are challenging and her constant encouragement motivates me to push myself. She is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and goes above and beyond to educate me. I have referred other friends to Amy because she truly is the best!!

Deborah D.
Client for 10 years

After 30 years of teaching karate and yoga, I started training with Amy in 2010. The workouts are awesome and challenging. Amy takes a personal interest in my health and well-being. She is the best in her field and always current on state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. In 2012, I decided to open my own yoga studio. I thank Amy for getting my juices moving and motivating me to not only make a difference in my life but in others’ too!

Sheila C.
Client for 5 years

I started working with Amy after I realized I had increasingly been eating poorly, was more sedentary, was tired, unmotivated, and despaired of going on yet another diet. She pushes me hard but not beyond anything I can do. She knows exactly how to keep me motivated, and she coaches me to push just a bit harder every time. After three months, I had dropped 21 years from my initial Fitness Age! At a recent wedding one of my sons saw me from a distance, and he turned to my husband and said – “Is that Mom?” – he didn’t recognize me! My husband works with Amy as well; she’s helping him with marathon training. I really feel like a new person: stronger, healthier and happier; my clothes fit better and I have a lot more energy. And despite the fact that I haven’t “dieted” since I started going to her, I’m down ten pounds. The entire experience has been great – not only is Amy a great trainer, she’s fun to be around as well.

Minerva P.
Client for 12 years

Since joining Houston Medical Fitness, my body has done a 180º turn. I’ve lost nearly 38 pounds and continue to lose inches. I love the fact that I’ve never had the exact same workout twice. By losing weight, I’ve also taken control of and reversed several serious health issues as well.

Richard H.
Client for 5 years

As a cyclist for 20 plus years, I had problems with my hip flexors and piriformis that caused chronic pain in my lower back. Amy was highly recommended by a fellow cyclist. After only a few sessions, I felt a positive difference. I now have vast improvement in the way I get out of bed in the morning and the way I move in my everyday life. My lower back pain was gone within 3 or 4 sessions. I was very surprised at how fast Amy figured out my problems and implemented exercises that fixed them; I am pain free! Now we are working on my core strength, which has improved greatly.

Traci P.
Client for 15 years

What I love about Amy’s training is that it’s never boring, and even after many years, I am still challenged every time I train with her and meeting new goals we set together. Amy has a great sense of knowing how far to push her clients at just the right intensity to get results while keeping exercise a very positive experience. I have been active my whole life and tried lots of other programs over the years; none of them compare to Amy’s. She is an educated, empathetic professional. She is a true gem and I feel so fortunate to have her as my trainer.