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  • We bridge the gap between medicine and fitness.

    Any age.  Any fitness level.  Start Your Recovery Journey.  Safely.  Effectively.

    We provide a safe, effective transition, working with your physician, from a medical or rehab environment to a monitored exercise environment.  We help those at high risk or currently being treated for over 50 different health and musculoskeletal conditions and 25 types of cancer.  We help clients before, during and after pregnancy.  We work with clients post op and after release from physical therapy.  We work with you and your medical team to improve your health, fitness and quality of life.

Moving Forward
Our Credentials

In helping hundreds of clients get fit for the past 15 years, there came a point where we realized many people were being asked by their physicians to implement an exercise program during and after various medical treatments.  Because they did not know what to do on their own, and most personal trainers aren’t specialized in working with clients receiving these medical treatments, most of these individuals were not getting the help they desperately needed.  We worked for years to obtain the advanced Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, Cancer Exercise Specialist, and Breast Cancer Recovery Specialist designations so that we can provide that bridge between medicine and exercise for the Houston community.


Bachelor of Science – Biology
Master of Science – Health & Wellness
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Medical Exercise Specialist
Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist
Certified Breast Cancer Recovery Specialist
Certified ACSM Exercise is Medicine
Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Medical Fitness

How It Works

Our certifications and expertise go beyond that of a general personal trainer and are designed to allow the safest and most effective exercise environment for those receiving and recovering from medical treatments.  A key component of Medical Fitness is that we communicate with you and your physicians during every step of your treatment and recovery to develop an individualized plan and a team approach to your fitness goals.  We use measurable data from periodic fitness and health assessments, medical records and communication provided by your doctor, and our professional observations during the initial assessment and beyond, to create a program that fits you perfectly and assures that you exercise safely and effectively.  Individualized programs may include:  bodyweight exercise, resistance training with weights or bands, balance and stability training, core strength and stabilization training, mobility training, or athletic and power training protocols.  We monitor your progress throughout your program in a safely supervised environment and maintain regular communication and collaboration with everyone on your medical team.  We progress your program step by step, knowledgeably and safely as you get stronger.  Most importantly, we provide an approachable, friendly and fun environment for you to succeed, heal and become your strongest!  Scroll down for a list of the exact medical conditions we work with.

What will you do with this day?

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Move Forward

It has been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step. We will help you take that small step, and each small step after that, to ultimately reach your personal best.

Health Conditions We Work With

Metabolic & Hormonal

Diabetes Types I and II
Metabolic Syndrome


Back Pain & Sciatica
Osteopenia & Osteoporosis
Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel
Plantar Fasciitis
Joint & Muscle Injury Post Rehab

Cardiovascular & Cardiopulmonary

High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Heart Disease


Multiple Sclerosis
Celiac Disease


25 Cancer Types
During Chemo & Radiation
Pain Management
Range of Motion After Surgery

Pre & Postnatal

Before Pregnancy
During Fertility Treatments
During Pregnancy
After Natural or Cesarean Delivery

Session Options

Choose Your

Whether you like to work alone or in a supportive social setting, we have an option that's right for you. You can also choose a combination of one or more options to mix up your routine with us.


Completely private session tailored to your schedule, goals and fitness level.


Bring a partner, or we find a partner based on schedule, fitness level, and goals.

Team (3-6)

Bring your own team, or join one of our supportive, already established teams.

Our Pricing

$ 55
  • 30-Minute Session
  • Initial Consultation
  • Initial & Follow Up Fitness Assessments
$ 70
  • 45-Minute Session
  • Initial Consultation
  • Initial & Follow Up Fitness Assessments
$ 45
  • 45-Minute Session
  • Initial Consultation
  • Initial & Follow Up Fitness Assessments
$ 35
  • 45-Minute Session
  • Initial Consultation
  • Initial & Follow Up Fitness Assessments

Alice T.

I’m 57 and I feel better than I have in a long time. I have energy and I am strong! I’ve lost inches and I have better posture. Best of all is what’s happening inside. My doctor was very concerned at my annual physical about my low bone density, so I found Amy and started training. At my next follow up visit to my doctor, my bone density in my spine increased by 7%! All my numbers improved; my doctor was very happy! Amy is kind and positive and makes me believe that I can do it. I look forward to every session!


Laura E.

After breaking 3 ribs in an accident, I gained a lot of weight. This started a chain reaction; I contracted bronchitis and developed a significant wheeze. Any physical effort had become extremely difficult. My yoga instructor recommended I contact Amy, and I began training twice a week with her. After 3 months, I was able to run a full mile without stopping, and my wheeze disappeared. Since then I’ve hiked a mountain in Colorado and completed a 3k mud run obstacle course with my husband. I am grateful for Amy; she is so encouraging and organized and motivating. She makes me feel as if she cares about my health, and that's some awesome motivation.


Deanna E.

After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, I weighed more than I ever have and generally felt pretty bad. Amy was recommended by the Arthritis Foundation as a professional trainer with qualifications to work with people with health issues. I really enjoy my workouts. Amy pushes me just far enough. I feel stronger and better. Before training I had a lot of pain and limited range of motion in my knees and wrists. My joints are so much better now; my pain level is much less and my range of motion and strength have drastically improved. That has lead me to exercise on my own more often as well. I never would have gotten to this point on my own.

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